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Large Diameter Aspheres

Enabling High-Power Systems

Join us for a discussion about the benefits of using large diameter aspheres and the ways these lenses enable high power systems. The drive towards using higher powered lasers makes these considerations more important than ever before.

Collect More Light & Prevent High-Power Laser Damage

We invite you to join this 25-minute webinar presented by Wilhelmus Messelink, Director of Technology, and Shawn Scarfo, Product Line Manager, at Edmund Optics. At the end of this webinar, participants will have a strong understanding of:

  • Why more and more customers are beginning to use large diameter aspheres
  • The differences between large diameter aspheres and other optical lenses
  • Key considerations for manufacturing and inspecting large diameter aspheres
 Wilhelmus Messelink
Wilhelmus Messelink

Dr. W.A.C.M. (Pim) Messelink is the Director of Technology at Edmund Optics Singapore. He received his MS degree in applied physics from Delft University of Technology in 2002, and his PhD degree in physics and astronomy from University College London in 2015. He has been working in the field of optics manufacturing technology since 2003 for subsequently Fisba AG, Zeeko Ltd and Edmund Optics Singapore. His current research interests include asphere and freeform manufacturing. He is the co-author of three patents and various publications.

Shawn Scarfo
Shawn Scarfo

Shawn Scarfo has been with Edmund Optics for more than 11 years. He joined the company as a Product Support Engineer interfacing with customers directly to help identify product and solve their system’s issues. Eventually, he went on to manage the team. Currently, he is a Product Line Manager responsible for mirrors and lenses with his focus on developing and launching new aspheric lens designs to the market.




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