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    Wavelength Range (nm)

    Germanium Optics

    Germanium (Ge) Optical Components are used in many Infrared (IR) applications or systems, including thermal imaging, spectroscopy, or with monochromatic light sources such as quantum cascade lasers. German (Ge) Optical Components are Optical Components designed for high performance in the Infrared (IR) spectrum without the use of Infrared (IR) anti-reflection coatings. Germanium (Ge) Optical Components can range from Optical Lenses to Prisms or Optical Filters.

    Edmund Optics’ offers the world’s largest inventory of off-the-shelf Optical Components, including a wide variety of Germanium Optics. Edmund Optics’ Germanium Optics include Optical Lenses, Optical Windows, Optical Filters, or Prisms. Edmund Optics’ Germanium (Ge) Optical Lenses include Aspheric Lenses, Hybrid Aspheric Lenses, Achromatic Lenses, Plano-Convex (PCX) Lenses, or Meniscus Lenses. Germanium (Ge) Prisms include equilateral or right angle. Edmund Optics offers Germanium (Ge) Longpass Filters for isolating broad regions of the Infrared (IR) spectrum, in addition to Neutral Density (ND) filters for even attenuation of Infrared (IR) light.

    Germanium (Ge) Windows
    • Uncoated or with AR Coatings Designed for a Variety of IR Ranges
    • Minimal Chromatic Aberration Due to Low Dispersion
    • Ideal for Infrared Applications Requiring Rugged Optics

    Germanium Infrared (IR) Aspheric Lenses
    • Diffraction Limited Performance
    • Variety of Coating Options
    • Full Prescription Data Available

    Germanium Infrared (IR) Hybrid Aspheric Lenses
    • Color Corrected for 3 – 5μm
    • Near Diffraction Limited Focusing Performance
    • Full Prescription Data Available

    Germanium Meniscus Lenses
    • High Index of Refraction
    • Minimal Chromatic Aberration Due to Low Dispersion
    • Available in Plano-Convex (PCX) or Meniscus Designs

    Germanium Meniscus Lenses
    • Wavelength Range of 2 - 16μm
    • Durable Design for Demanding Applications
    • Superior Spherical Correction

    Germanium Plano-Convex (PCX) Lenses
    • Wavelength Range of 2 - 16μm
    • Rugged, Durable Material
    • Ideal for Defense, Security, and Thermal Imaging Applications
    • Additional Infrared Lenses Available in Popular Substrates

    Infrared (IR) Achromatic Lenses
    • Color-Corrected for 3-5μm or 8-12μm
    • Near Diffraction-Limited Focusing
    • Full Prescription Data Available

    Infrared (IR) Longpass Filters
    • Coated on Silicon or Germanium Substrates
    • Ideal for Isolating Broad Spectral Regions
    • Durable, First-Surface Coatings

    Infrared (IR) Neutral Density (ND) Filters
    • Spectrally Flat from 2μm to 14μm
    • Precision Germanium Substrate

    Infrared (IR) Right Angle Prisms
    • CaF2, Ge, and ZnSe Substrates
    • Ray Deviation of 90°
    • Ideal for Use with Collimated Sources
    • Additional Infrared Optics Available

    Infrared (IR) Windows Kit
    • 7 Different 25mm Diameter IR Material Windows
    • Ideal for Laboratories
    • Fully Assembled in Foam Lined Wooden Boxes

    Infrared (IR) Wire Grid Polarizers
    • Designed for Wavelengths Ranging from 2 - 30μm
    • Holographic Polarizers Available in Many Substrates
    • Ruled Polarizers Ideal for High-Power Lasers
    • 360° Rotation Using Metric Polarizer Mounts


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