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    Image Orientation
    Ray Deviation (°)
    Wavelength Range (nm)

    Image Rotation Prisms

    Image Rotation Prisms are used to rotate, invert, or revert an image. Image Rotation Prisms are ideal for use in microscopes, telescopes, or rifle scopes, or for the microscopy, astronomy, or defense industries. Schmidt Prisms create a right handed image with a ray deviation of 90°. Half Penta Prisms create a ray deviation of 45° without inverting or reverting the image. Combining a Half Penta Prism with a corresponding Schmidt Prism creates a Pechan prism pair. A Pechan prism pair inverts or reverts the image without deviating the line of sight. Amici Roof Prisms invert or revert an image while bending the line of sight by 90°. Dove Prisms create a left handed image while rotating the image by 90°.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Prisms, including a variety of Image Rotation Prisms, such as Amici Roof, Dove, Half Penta, or Schmidt. Edmund Optics’ prisms are available off-the-shelf and with immediate shipping.

    Amici Roof Prisms
    • Ray Deviation of 90°
    • Right Handed Image
    • 6 Arcsecond Resolution

    Dove Prisms
    • Image Rotation of 180°
    • Left Handed Image
    • Ideal for Rotation or Displaced Retroreflection

    Half-Penta Prisms
    • Deviates Line of Sight by 45°
    • Combine with Schmidt Prism to Create Pechan Prism
    • Penta Prisms Also Available

    Pechan Prisms
    • Provides Inline Image Inversion
    • Compact Design for OEM Integration
    • Air Spaced for Optimal Performance

    Schmidt Prisms
    • Ray Deviation of 45°
    • Right Handed Image
    • 5 Arcsecond Roof Angle Tolerance
    • Combine with Half-Penta Prism to Create Pechan Prism


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