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    Frame Rate (fps)
    Imaging Device
    Pixel Size, H x V (μm)
    Video Output
    Type of Sensor
    Camera Sensor Format
    Resolution (MegaPixels)
    Camera Family

    Microscopy Cameras

    Microscopy Cameras are used to capture images or video, or to display video on a monitor in a variety of microscopy applications. Microscopy Cameras are cameras that are well-suited to microscopy applications. Edmund Optics offers a variety of Microscopy Cameras in a range of interfaces including GigE, USB, or FireWire. NIR Cameras are also available for microscopy applications in the near-infrared.

    USB Cameras | View All

    Basler PowerPack Microscopy Cameras
    • High Performance Cameras Featuring State-of-the-Art CMOS Sensors
    • Professional Software for Image Acquisition and Analysis Included
    • Unique Advanced Image Enhancement and Color Adjustment Technology
    • Various Plug-and-Play Microscopy Packages Available

    EO USB 2.0 CCD Machine Vision Cameras

    EO USB 2.0 CMOS Machine Vision Cameras
    • Ultra-Compact Housing
    • Progressive Scan
    • Adjustable Frame Rate via Binning, Sub-sampling or AOI
    • Powerful Easy to Use Software Interface

    Lumenera INFINITY Microscopy Cameras
    • Ideal for Life Sciences, Clinical, and Industrial Applications
    • USB Plug & Play
    • Powerful Capture and Analysis Software Included
    • PC & Mac Compatibility

    PixeLINK® USB 2.0 Microscopy Cameras
    • Perfect for Microscopy Applications
    • Features Include Live Measurement and Overlay Ability
    • Up to 6.6 MegaPixel Resolution

    PixeLINK® USB 3.0 Microscopy Cameras
    • Easy-to-Setup USB 3.0 Technology (Cable Included)
    • Up to 15 MegaPixel Resolution
    • Include Extensive μScope Standard Microscopy Software

    USB Digital Microscopes
    • 10 – 200X and 500X Magnifications Available
    • Polarizer, UV, VIS, and IR Models
    • Measurement and Comparison Software Included

    FireWire Cameras | View All

    Allied Vision Guppy Pro FireWire.b Cameras
    • Small Form Factor
    • FireWire.b Interface
    • Low Cost
    • Up to 120fps

    Allied Vision Pike FireWire.b Cameras
    • Designed for High Speed Applications
    • HD and VGA to 5MP Options Available
    • 16 Bit High SNR Mode

    Allied Vision Stingray FireWire.b Cameras
    • Excellent Price/Performance Ratio
    • High bit-depth (14-bit or 8-bit output, user-selectable)
    • VGA(640 x 480) – 5MP Resolutions Available

    Basler Scout Cameras
    • Available in FireWire.b and Gigabit Ethernet Connections
    • Small Rugged Housing for Easy Integration
    • Compatible with GenICam, GigE Vision and EMVA 1288

    Gigabit Ethernet Cameras | View All

    Allied Vision Mako Power over Ethernet (PoE) Cameras
    • Compact, Robust Metal Housing
    • One Optocoupled Input, Three Outputs
    • Power over Ethernet for Increased Flexibility

    Allied Vision Manta GigE Cameras
    • Ideal Analog Replacement
    • Up to 1" Maximum Sensors
    • Up to 125 fps
    • 32MB of Onboard Memory

    Allied Vision Prosilica GE Series GigE Cameras
    • Up to 205 fps on a 1/3" Sensor
    • Up to 16 MegaPixel Resolution on a 35mm Sensor
    • Includes Image Capture Software and SDK

    Allied Vision Prosilica GX Series GigE Cameras
    • Fastest GigE Cameras Available: 240 MB/s
    • Up to 17fps at 8 MegaPixel Resolution
    • Robust Software Package
    • 3-Axis Motorized Lens and Video Auto-Iris Control

    Basler ace GigE Cameras
    • Perfect Analog Replacement
    • Ultra-Small Form Factor
    • Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
    • Includes Basler Pylon Driver

    EO GigE Machine Vision Cameras
    • Ultra-Compact Housing
    • Progressive Scan
    • Adjustable Frame Rate via Binning, Sub-sampling or AOI
    • Powerful Easy to Use Software Interface

    EO Power over Ethernet (PoE) Cameras
    • Ultra-Compact Housing Design
    • Powered by PoE Injector or PoE Computer Card
    • Powerful, Easy-to-Use Software Interface

    Near-Infrared (NIR) Cameras | View All

    1460-1600nm Near-Infrared Camera
    • Low Cost
    • Compact Size
    • Standard Analog Video Output
    • High Speed Electronic Shutter

    Allied Vision Guppy FireWire.a Cameras
    • Ultra Compact
    • Low Cost
    • Color or Monochrome


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