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    Design Wavelength DWL (nm)
    Diameter (mm)
    Ray Deviation (°)
    Ray Deviation @ 633nm (°)
    Ray Deviation @ 355nm (°)
    Wavelength Range (nm)

    Specialty Prisms

    Specialty Prisms are Prisms that are unique in shape or purpose. Edmund Optics offers a variety of Specialty Prisms to choose from, including Rod Optical Lenses, Cone Optical Mirrors, Anamorphic Prism Pairs, Compound Parabolic Concentrators (CPCs), Rhomboid Prisms, or Wedge Prisms. Specialty Prisms may not be designed for typical Prism applications such as ray deviation or image translation.

    Cone Optical Mirrors are ideal for applications requiring 360° of illumination. When light strikes the peak of the cone, it is circularly reflected around the Cone Optical Mirror. Anamorphic Prism Pairs are ideal for expanding laser beams in single dimensions, such as turning a laser diode’s elliptical beam into a circular one. Compound Parabolic Concentrators (CPCs) are used to collect light from distant sources. The collected light is then concentrated towards the more narrow portion of the CPC utilizing total internal reflection. Rhomboid Prisms are ideal for imaging applications where the optical axis may need to be displaced without inverting the image. Wedge Prisms utilize refraction instead of reflection to deviate a laser beam.

    45° Rod Lenses and Mirrors
    • Coated and Uncoated Versions Available
    • Use Coated Versions to Reflect Light at 90°
    • Use Uncoated Versions to Bend Image Paths

    Anamorphic Prism Pairs
    • Converts Elliptical Beam to Circular
    • Anti-Reflection Coated for Common Diode Wavelengths
    • Mounted and Unmounted Versions Available

    Compound Parabolic Concentrators (CPCs)
    • 25° and 45° Acceptance Angles
    • 2.5mm and 5.0mm Exit Diameters
    • Ideal for Concentrating Solar Energy

    Cone Mirrors
    • Ideal for 360° Applications
    • Multiple Diameters Available
    • Protected Aluminum Coating

    Fused Silica Wedge Prisms
    • Deviates Laser Beam Path from 0.5° - 5.0°
    • Ideal for UV to NIR Beam Steering Applications from 250 to 1064nm
    • Guaranteed Laser Damage Threshold for Nd:YAG Versions

    Prism Kit
    • Includes Our Most Popular Prisms
    • Ideal for Optical Laboratories
    • Wooden Storage Case Included

    Rhomboid Prisms
    • Lateral Displacement of Beam 
    • Displaces Optical Axis Without Inverting Image
    • Input and Output Beams Parallel to ±30 Arcseconds
    • Beam Displacing Dove Prisms Also Available

    Rod Lenses
    • Focuses Collimated Light into a Line
    • Available in Diameters as Small as 1mm
    • N-BK7 and Fused Silica Substrate Options

    N-BK7 Wedge Prisms
    • Ideal for Beam Steering
    • 0.5° - 15° Beam Deviation Options
    • Available Uncoated or Anti-Reflection Coated
    • Anamorphic Prism Pair Also Available


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