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TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. Learn More

Adjustable ReflX™ Objectives

  • Units Adjustable for Precision Alignment
  • Various Coating Options Available for Specific Wavelength Ranges
  • Finite Conjugate Design and RMS Threading Integrate Easily in Many Objective Setups

Our line of TECHSPEC® Adjustable ReflX™ Objectives, formerly known as the Beck/Ealing reflecting objectives, offer a robust design and wide variety of magnifications to suit a wide range of applications. All units are configured for 160mm tube length and 0.17mm cover glass during assembly and precision aligned for optimum performance. However, to indefinitely extend the useful life of the objective, all but the 15X, 0.5NA feature the ability to adjust the centration of the internal mirrors with the provided Allen wrenches (detailed instructions included). 74X objectives allow for adjustments to the tube length and the cover glass correction through the means of a moving collar (centration of mirrors should be checked and adjusted if tube length is changed).

Each objective is available with any of three coating options: Aluminum with a magnesium fluoride overcoat for the NUV-Visible, DUV Enhanced Aluminum for the DUV-NUV and Gold for the IR. Free from the problems of chromatic aberration and material absorption associated with standard microscope objectives, these components are ideal for applications requiring high throughput and excellent resolution, including FTIR spectroscopy and microscopy, photolithography, thin film measurement, semiconductor inspection, and laser etching.

Note: This line of Adjustable ReflX™ Objectives has been discontinued. Available stock will not be replenished and new parts will no longer be manufactured. Please contact technical support with any questions or if you need further assistance.

Laser Optics

Technical Information

Magnification Length A Diameter B Thread Length C Working Distance
15X, 0.28NA 51.1mm 45.85mm 5.1mm 24.5mm
15X, 0.50NA 59.0mm 76.00mm 5.1mm 23.2mm
25X 50.0mm 45.85mm 5.1mm 14.5mm
36X 54.1mm 58.70mm 5.0mm 8.6mm
52X 33.2mm 37.60mm 5.1mm 1.9mm
74X 33.2mm 37.60mm 5.1mm 1.0mm