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Cage System Angle Adjustment Plates and Accessories

Continuous Angular Adjustment Plate, #85-650

Continuous Angular Adjustment Plate, #85-650 30mm ID Fixed Angle Mounting Plate, #85-622 Swivel Adapter Plate for Continuous Angular Adjustment, #85-670 Tilt Plate with 120° C'bore Slot for Tilt Adjustment, #85-671 +5
  • Multiple Angular Positioning Options
  • Fixed and Continuous Adjustment Plates Available
  • Anodized Aluminum Construction

TECHSPEC® Cage System Angle Adjustment Plates attach to standard mounting plates via angle brackets, and offer a range of angular positioning options. The fixed angle mounting plates feature M3 C’Bore holes positioned at 30° increments to introduce 30°, 60°, or 90° bends in the optical path. Swivel adapter plates are designed to be used in pairs, and enable continuous angle adjustment. #85-692 or #85-701 post adapter for 25mm plates serves as a joint between two swivel adapter plates. Suspending a tilt plate between two standard cage system plates allows an optic or mount to be tilted with respect to the optical axis.

Quick Video Demonstration

Maximize your application performance with the right products. View a quick video demonstration of TECHSPEC Cage System components: How to Build a Swivel Joint Assembly.