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Auto Iris Lenses

  • DC Auto Iris
  • Lockable, Manual Focus
  • Compact Size
  • Designed for CS-Mount Cameras

Designed for industrial CS-Mount cameras, our Auto Iris Fixed Focal Length Lenses offer a host of technical imaging solutions. Auto iris lenses incorporate an electronically controlled iris, which allows the lens to maintain one light level making them ideal for outdoor use or any applications with varying light conditions. These lenses incorporate a DC auto iris (galvanometer type) for use with newer sensor cameras that incorporate ALC circuitry. To ensure that these lenses work over a wide variety of lighting levels, a neutral density spot filter is incorporated to increase the maximum F-stop providing the equivalent of f/125 or f/360 depending on the lens chosen. Lens cable is 310mm long terminating in a 4-pin plug. Locking screw for the manual focus allows these lenses to be used in high vibration environments. Typical applications include surveillance, inspection, and macro work. Maximum rear protrusion beyond the lens mount is 1.7mm.

Note: Lenses are only functional when connected to a CS-Mount camera with DC auto iris capability.

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