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Multi-Edge Fluorescence Dichroic Filters

  • Multiple Cut-On Wavelengths On a Single Filter
  • High Peak Transmission, Excellent Blocking
  • Ideal for Simultaneous Viewing of Multiple Fluorophores
  • For Optimal Performance Pair with Multi-Band Fluorescence Bandpass Filters

TECHSPEC® Multi-Edge Fluorescence Dichroic Filters are ideal for real time live cell analysis or high speed imaging applications. Featuring multiple cut-on wavelengths on a single filter enhances fluorescence imagery and eases setup for a range of fluorophore applications. TECHSPEC Multi-Edge Fluorescence Dichroic Filters are designed to be used with TECHSPEC Multi-Band Fluorescence Bandpass Filters for isolating wavelength ranges. When also combined with a TECHSPEC Fluorescence Bandpass Filter, these filters are ideal for creating high contrast, multi-color images using a Pinkel configuration.