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Multi-Lens Arrays

Multi-Lens Arrays

Multi-Lens Arrays Double Sided Multi-Lens Array
  • Integrated, Monolithic Design
  • Single Sided Arrays Create Even Illumination in Pairs
  • Double Sided Arrays Ideal for Laser Top Hat Profile Generation

Multi-Lens Arrays are an all glass monolithic design which yields higher transmission, superior stability, and affordability when compared to cemented or plastic varieties. These lenses are available as single-sided or double-sided arrays to meet requirements for illumination, projection, and laser systems. The single-sided arrays are used to create square spot patterns or to create even illumination when used in pairs. Decreasing the spacing between the two lens arrays will increase the illuminated area while increasing the spacing will decrease the area. Double sided lens arrays are ideal for use with laser sources to create top hat output profiles, ensuring uniform illumination for machine vision and microscopy applications.

Technical Information

A B C D Stock No.
46.06mm 46.06mm 4mm 3mm #63-230
58mm 60mm 7mm 5.4mm #63-231