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Ruggedized Machine Vision Lenses for Harsh Environments

As more and more systems become automated, machine vision lenses are being used in harsh environments subject to more demanding conditions than traditional machine vision settings. These could involve shocks and vibrations, water and humidity exposure, or temperature swings. Ruggedizing the imaging lens assemblies is critical for protecting them to maintain performance in their unique environments.

Edmund Optics manufacturers machine vision lenses that are robustly designed for use in harsh environments in a number of varieties. Watch to learn about traditional factory automation lenses, instrumentation lenses ideal for high-volume applications, stabilized lenses ruggedized for shock and vibration, waterproof lenses, and Athermal lenses.

To browse our wide selection of off-the-shelf ruggedized lenses, visit:

Edmund Optics also designs and manufactures custom imaging lens assemblies tailored for a specific use case. Learn more about our custom imaging lens capabilities here:

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