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    Field of View, 1/2" Sensor
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    Finite Conjugate Objectives

    Finite Conjugate Objectives are used in a variety of simple microscopy setups or for OEM integration. Finite Conjugate Objectives are microscope objectives that do not require a secondary lens to focus onto a specimen. Finite Conjugate Objectives are typically optimized for use in the visible spectrum. Focusing objectives typically contain about three lens elements, decreasing size and weight. These microscope objectives are less expensive alternatives to Infinite Conjugate Objectives for a wide range of commercial applications.

    Edmund Optics offers a variety of Finite Conjugate Objectives in achromatic, planar, or semi-planar designs. Achromatic focusing objectives have a flat field in about the center 65% of the image. Semi-planar focusing objectives have a flat field in about 80% of the image. Many of these focusing objectives can be used interchangeably with standard microscope objectives. These microscope objectives are a single objective solution for focusing applications, removing the need to purchase additional focusing components.


    Ultra Compact Objective Assemblies
    • Shortest and Most Compact Form Factor for an Objective
    • Configurable Magnification Using Designated Extension Tubes
    • Near Diffraction Limited Resolution

    Tunable Compact Objective Liquid Lens Assemblies
    • Integrated Liquid Lens for Focus Tuning
    • Lightweight Objective with Compact Form Factor
    • Optimized For Long Working Distances

    Adjustable ReflX™ Objectives
    • Units Adjustable for Precision Alignment
    • Various Coating Options Available for Specific Wavelength Ranges
    • Finite Conjugate Design and RMS Threading Integrate Easily in Many Objective Setups

    Commercial Grade Standard Microscope Objectives
    • Achromatic and Plan Designs
    • Use with T- and C-Mounting Systems
    • Ideal for OEM Applications

    Compact Objective Assemblies
    • Lightweight Design with Compact Form Factor
    • Configurable Magnification Using Spacers
    • Optimized For Long Working Distances

    High Performance ReflX™ Objectives
    • Diffraction Limited Performance: Transmitted Wavefront, RMS: λ/14
    • Streamlined Tapered Design for Added Clearance at 45° AOI
    • Curved Spider Legs to Reduce Diffraction Effects
    • Industry Leading 24 to 31mm Working Distance

    International Standard Microscope Objectives
    • For Use with RMS Thread Microscopes
    • AR Coated Optics
    • 4X to 100X Magnifications Available

    Mitutoyo Compact Objectives
    • Long Working Distances Allow for Integration into Machine Vision Measurement Systems
    • Small Size with Excellent Performance
    • Long Working Distances
    • Easily Integrates with C-Mount Cameras

    Mitutoyo Telecentric Objectives
    • Long Working Distances Allow for Integration into Machine Vision Measurement Systems
    • Compact Design and Long Parfocal Length Simplifies Mounting
    • Tube Available for Use with C-Mount Cameras
    • Aluminum Alloy Housing

    Nikon Achromatic Finite Conjugate Objectives
    • Achromatic Design
    • Standard RMS Thread
    • Compatible with all DIN Standard Accessories
    • Spring Loaded Heads on 40X, 60X, 100X

    ReflX™ Objectives
    • Industry Leading 24 to 31mm Working Distance
    • EO Designed and Manufactured for Focusing or Imaging Applications
    • Actively Aligned for Optimal Performance
    • Ultra-Wide Spectral Band from 190nm to 11μm with No Chromatic Aberration


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