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Laser Power Meters

Laser Power Meters measure the energy output of laser beams for testing or laser system applications. Laser Power Meters use detection sensors to determine the intensity of a laser beam's energy output. Laser Power Meters are designed to analyze lasers within a particular range of wavelengths or intensities. Laser Power Meters are available in a wide selection of wavelength ranges for customization over a large number of laser measurement needs.


Coherent USB-PowerMax Pro Fast Measurement Systems
  • Laser Power Measurement System with faster Response Time Available
  • Fully Integrated Plug-and-Play USB System
  • Large Active Area for Full Beam Measurement

Coherent® High-Sensitivity Thermopile Sensors
  • Broad Spectral Range with High Sensitivity and High Resolution
  • Large Active Area Sensors up to 19mm in Diameter
  • Flat Broadband Output with No Saturation above 1mW/cm2

Coherent® Fan-Cooled Thermopile Sensors
  • Designed to Measure Laser Power up to 300W
  • Ideal for Applications where Water-Cooling is Not Possible
  • Compact Size for Portability and Use in Field Applications

Coherent® High Power Water-Cooled Thermopile Sensors
  • Water-Cooling Capability to Withstand Laser Powers up to 5kW
  • Spectrally Flat from 0.25 to 11μm
  • Large 50mm Aperture for Accepting a Wide Range of Beam Diameters

Coherent® PowerMax Wand
  • High Sensitivity Silicon Photodiode
  • Slim Profile
  • Ideal for CW or Pulsed Laser Measurements

Coherent® Beam Position Sensing Thermopile Power Sensors

Coherent® EnergyMax Laser Energy Sensors
  • ISO 17025 Certified
  • Embedded Spectral Compensation Characteristics
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation

Coherent® High Sensitivity Optical Power Sensors

Coherent® Laser Power and Energy Meters

Coherent® Thermopile Power Sensors
  • Superior Damage Resistance
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • ISO 17025 Certified

Edmund Optics® Laser Power and Energy Meters
  • Premier Laser Power and Energy Meter Features Touch Screen Display
  • Deluxe Laser Power Meter Features Digital Display
  • USB Laser Power Meter Features Direct Interface to Computer
  • Edmund Optics Power and Photo Detectors Sold Separately

Edmund Optics® Power and Energy Detectors

Coherent® LaserCheck™
  • 0.5μW to 1W
  • 400nm to 1064nm
  • ±8% Accuracy

Premier Laser Diode Detector
  • Designed for Use with the Premier Laser Diodes
  • Wide Acceptance Angle
  • Ideal for Particle Detection and Densitometry

Touchscreen Portable Laser Power Meters
  • Small Portable Design with Touchscreen Display
  • Computer and Software Not Required
  • High Damage Threshold
  • USB Rechargeable Battery


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