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    LED Diffuse Lights

    LED Diffuse Lights are used to provide even illumination for a number of imaging applications. LED Diffuse Lights use filters or reflective surfaces to diffuse light shone onto an examined area. LED Diffuse Lights are ideal options for illuminating highly shadowed objects or for highly reflective surfaces by reducing glare. LED Diffuse Lights offer the benefit of easy uniform illumination that works well in a large number of environments. LED Diffuse Lights are available in a selection of different colors or formats to increase versatility over a larger range of imaging applications.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide range of LED Diffuse Lights suited for many imaging needs. Diffuse axial illuminators are especially ideal for long working distances as well as the inspection of highly reflective objects. Diffuse light illuminators make excellent options for lighting curved or unusually shaped surfaces as well. A selection of high intensity LED Diffuse Lights are also available for more demanding or precise illumination applications.

    Advanced Illumination Diffuse Axial LED Illuminators
    • Bright, Consistent Diffuse Illumination Over Field of View
    • Unique Modular Heat Sink Design
    • Internal Beamsplitter Ideal for Inspecting Highly Reflective Objects
    • Excellent Light Stability

    Advanced Illumination Diffuselite LED Illuminators
    • Ideal for Illuminating Curved Surfaces
    • Well Suited for Inspecting Small, Specular Objects
    • Variable Intensity and Strobed Options

    Advanced Illumination High Intensity Large Area Diffuse LED Illuminators
    • Designed to Inspect Large Reflective Objects
    • Variable Intensity and Strobed Options
    • Multiple Versions Offered

    Advanced Illumination High Intensity Linear Axial Diffuse LED Illuminators
    • Ideal for Line Scan Applications
    • AR Coated Dust Cover Protects Internal Beamsplitter
    • Variable Intensity and Strobed Options

    Metaphase Technologies LED Linear Lights
    • Perfect Replacement for Linear Fluorescent Lamps
    • Very Diffuse, Isotropic Output
    • 3X the Brightness of Typical Fluorescent Illumination


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