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Internal Laser-Induced Damage Threshold (LIDT) Testing lets Edmund Optics® Guarantee and Improve LIDT Specifications

11/18/2021, Mainz, Germany   —

Edmund Optics® Edmund Optics® (EO), leading global manufacturer and supplier of optics, imaging, and photonics technology, has announced the addition of an in-house laser damage testing lab to their capabilities. The ability to now test the laser damage threshold of optical components first-hand facilitates both the inspection and verification of application-specific customer requirements, as well as process development for the manufacturing of optical components with high laser damage thresholds.

The LIDT lab features a high-power Nd:YAG laser with the options to test optical components at wavelengths of 1.064 nm, 532 nm, 355 nm, and 266 nm for nanosecond pulse durations. Future investments in additional pulse durations and wavelengths are planned. The lab is run by Dr. Matthew Dabney, a Principal Laser Engineer at Edmund Optics, who has more than 30 years of experience researching how lasers interact with different materials. He is the author of over 30 published papers on topics including pulsed laser deposition of novel transparent conducting oxides, laser nucleation and growth of silicon, the safe use of Class 4 lasers in industrial settings, and developing a robust LIDT testbed.

In addition to laser optics product testing and process development, the in-house LIDT lab also plays an important role in the update of ISO 21254, the international standard for specifying laser-induced damage. More details on the development of the LIDT test lab ca, be found in a webinar recording by Dr. Matthew Dabney. For additional information on laser optics manufacturing capabilities at Edmund Optics, please visit

About Edmund Optics:

Edmund Optics® (EO) is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of precision optics, optical assemblies and image processing components with headquarters in the USA and manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Asia and Europe and sales representatives around the globe. EO has a very large inventory of optical components for immediate delivery and offers products, standard or customized, in small quantities but also in volume for various industries. Request a quote or place your order through the website or contact us via phone +44 1904788600 or email [email protected] by reference to our catalogue.

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