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Multi-Element Inner Single Optic Mounts

TECHSPEC Multi-Element Inner Single Optic Mounts

  • Mounts for a Variety of Optical Component Diameters and Thicknesses
  • M29 Outer Diameter Threads Allow Easy Positioning Within Outer Tubes
  • One Retainer Ring and One Delrin Ring are Included
  • Click Here to See How to Use the Multi-Element Tube System Components to Build an Optical System.

TECHSPEC® Multi-Element Inner Single Optic Mounts are designed to mount a variety of optical components. The mounts support optical diameters from 5mm to 25.4mm, and edge thicknesses of 4mm to 17mm. With M29 x 0.75 outer diameter threads, these mounts can be easily positioned along the optical axis of our TECHSPEC® Multi-Element Outer Tubes. TECHSPEC® Multi-Element Inner Single Optic Mounts include one Delrin ring to ensure secure clamping force between the retainer ring and optic without damaging the optic.

Note: Our specially designed ME Spanner Wrench (#13-567) is highly recommended to move Inner Single Optic Mounts back and forth smoothly utilizing a combined metric and English graduated scale. The hollow design enables transmission of output beam while adjusting lens position. Non-scaled ME Spanner Wrench (#11-046) is also available.

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