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B270 Half-Ball Lenses

B270 Half-Ball Lenses

  • Available in Hemispherical, Truncated, and Extended Geometries
  • High Transmission in the Visible and NIR
  • Ideal for Cost Sensitive Applications

B270 Half-Ball Lenses feature a molded spherical surface and polished plano surface, facilitating easier mounting compared to ball lenses. The B270 substrates have high transmission from the visible to the near infrared (NIR) and have a similar refractive index to N-BK7, making these lenses an ideal alternative for cost sensitive applications. Each diameter of lens is available in three form factors, standard hemispherical, truncated (hypo-hemisphere), and extended (hyper-hemisphere), providing multiple options to best meet system mechanical requirements. B270 Half-Ball Lenses are used in high power LED, fiber coupling, endoscopy, microscopy, and laser measurement applications.

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