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High Performance Hot Mirrors

TECHSPEC High Performance Hot Mirrors

  • High Transmission from 400 - 690nm
  • High Reflection from 750 - 1125nm
  • Ideal for Minimizing Heat Build-Up
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TECHSPEC® High Performance Hot Mirrors feature a multi-layer dielectric coating optimized for greater than 85% transmission of visible light and greater than 95% reflection of IR wavelengths. For high power illumination, forced air cooling is recommended. Hot mirrors, also known as heat-reflecting mirrors, are crucial in many projection and illumination systems where high levels of heat can quickly damage sensitive components. TECHSPEC High Performance Hot Mirrors are ideal for minimizing heat build-up. Hot mirrors are specially coated to transmit visible light while reflecting the NIR, a major attributor to heat generation. By using a hot mirror, heat levels are limited with minimum impact on the overall system performance.