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Kodak Wratten Filters

  • Ideal for Color Correction and Attenuation
  • IR Filters Have No Transmittance from 400 - 700nm 
  • Powder-Free Latex Gloves Available for Handling 

Kodak Wratten Filters are ideal for color correction and attenuation in photography, astronomy, and industrial machine vision applications. These filters are designed with several layers of gel containing dyes, a gel inner layer, and a polyurethane topcoat. When handling these filters, powder-free latex gloves or fingercots are recommended and the filters should only be handled by the edges or corners to avoid damage. Kodak Wratten Filters can be easily scratched or contaminated and should be stored in their original packaging when not in use. These filters are available in a range of visible colors or Infrared with no transmittance from 400 - 700nm.  

Note: Storage in humid environments can cause the filters to cloud. Do not exceed temperatures beyond 50°C for extended periods of time.