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Mounted Fused Silica Corner Cube Retroreflectors

Mounted Fused Silica Corner Cube Retroreflectors

  • ¼-20 Tapped Holes for Easy Mounting
  • Excellent Transmission in the UV
  • Useful for Surveying and Alignment
  • Also Available Unmounted

TECHSPEC® Mounted Fused Silica Corner Cube Retroreflectors are pre-mounted in anodized aluminum housings with two ¼-20 tapped holes for easy integration into optical systems. Corner cube retroreflectors are designed to reflect any ray or beam entering the prism face, regardless of the orientation of the prism, back onto itself. Mirrors will only do this at a normal angle of incidence, making corner cube retroreflectors better suited for applications where precision alignment is difficult or time-consuming. TECHSPEC Mounted Fused Silica Corner Cube Retroreflectors are ideal for prototyping or research applications that require convenient, durable mounting solutions. These mounted retroreflectors provide excellent transmission in the UV.

Technical Information

Dimensions in mm
Stock No. Inner Diameter ID Outer Diameter OD H X
#15-817 12.7 31.75 11.73 18.08
#15-818 12.7 31.75 11.73 18.08
#15-819 25.4 38.10 20.62 26.98
#15-820 25.4 38.10 20.62 26.98
#15-821 50.8 63.50 39.95 46.30
#15-822 50.8 63.50 39.95 46.30
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