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VIS-NIR Polka-Dot Beamsplitters

VIS-NIR Polka-Dot Beamsplitters

  • 50/50 and 30/70 Reflection/Transmission Ratios Available
  • B270 Substrates for High Performance from 400 – 2000nm
  • UV-NIR Versions Available

VIS-NIR Polka-Dot Beamsplitters feature a constant reflection/transmission ratio over the VIS to NIR spectrum.  A vacuum deposited enhanced aluminum coating on SCHOTT B270 substrates, with fixed square apertures guarantees 30/70, 50/50 reflection/transmission ratios from 400 to 2000nm. Incident light is reflected by the coated area and is transmitted through the surrounding uncoated substrate. VIS-NIR Polka-Dot Beamsplitters are not angle sensitive, therefore they are ideal for splitting energy from a radiant light source with a beam diameter of at least 2mm. These beamsplitters are especially useful with broadband, extended sources, such as tungsten, halogen, and xenon lamps, and for use in monochromators, spectrophotometers, and other optical systems.

Note: The surface of these beamsplitters is very sensitive and should never be touched when handling the optic. If cleaning is required to remove dust particles, non-contact cleaning using clean compressed air is recommended.

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