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Wide Angle Large Format F-Mount Lenses

Wide Angle Large Format F-Mount Lenses

Wide Angle Large Format F-Mount Lenses

  • Wide Angles and Large Fields of View
  • Covers up to 43.3mm Diagonal Large Format Sensor
  • Lockable Manual Focus and Iris

Wide Angle Large Format F-Mount Lenses are designed with ultra large fields of view for mid and large format sensors and are ideal for applications requiring short focal lengths. The 8mm focal length lens is designed for creating a fisheye image on APS-C (27.9mm diagonal) sensors, enabling large objects to be in focus throughout the field of view with limited refocusing. Both the 14mm and 24mm focal length lenses are designed for 35mm (43.3mm diagonal) large format sensors. The 14mm lens is versatile with superb image quality even at its full f/2.8 aperture, while the 24mm lens features a fast f/1.4 aperture. Wide Angle Large Format F-Mount Lenses have multi-layer AR coatings to minimize flare and ghosting to ensure excellent image quality and contrast. Each lens features a lockable manual focus and iris.

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