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30mm Aperture, Acktar Blackened Laser Beam Trap

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Acktar Blackened Laser Beam Trap

Acktar Blackened Laser Beam Trap

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Laser Beam Trap
Black Anodized Aluminum
Aperture Size:
30mm (Dia.)
Vacuum Black & Metal Velvet
Length (mm):
Outer Diameter (mm):
Mount Diameter (mm):
Mounting Threads:
M6 x 1.0
Model Number:
Maximum Incident Power Density (W/cm2):
Maximum Power (W):
Wavelength Range (nm):
100 - 10000

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Reach 224:
Certificate of Conformance:

Product Family Description

  • Coated for High Absorbance of Laser Light
  • Tubular Beam Trap or Thin, Flat Beam Block Designs
  • M6 Tapped Hole for Easy Post Mounting

Acktar Blackened Laser Beam Traps and Blocks feature proprietary coatings designed to absorb incident laser light from the ultraviolet (UV) to the long-wave infrared (LWIR) spectrums. These Acktar coatings can achieve a reflectivity factor of less than 10-6 (beam trap designs) and have laser damage thresholds up to 20 W/cm2. An M6 tapped hole on both the beam trap and beam block designs allows for easy mounting to optical posts for integration into optical systems. Acktar Blackened Laser Beam Traps and Blocks are available in multiple sizes to accommodate small or large laser beams, increasing overall lab safety by reducing the risk of laser damage. The Flat Beam Block design features back screws for a 92mm cooling fan attachment, allowing for multiple blocks to be coupled to cover large areas.

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