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830 Grooves/mm, 25mm Sq, UV Transmission Grating Beamsplitter

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Groove Density (grooves/mm):
Wavelength Range (nm):
250 - 450
Blaze Angle (°):
Dimensions (mm):
25.0 x 25.0 ±0.5
Blazed Grating
Fused Silica
Thickness (mm):
2.00 ±0.5
Transmission Diffraction Grating
Alignment of Grooves to Edge (°):

Regulatory Compliance


Product Family Description

  • Multiple Diffraction Angles Available
  • UV Grade Fused Silica Substrate
  • Ideal for Fixed Grating Applications

Ideal for spectrographs and other compact systems using small detector arrays, UV Transmission Gratings are a simplistic means of dispersing light for fixed grating applications in the 250 – 450nm wavelength range. As incident light strikes the UV Transmission Gratings’ coarse groove spacing, it is dispersed on the opposite side of the grating at a fixed angle. As groove spacing increases, the diffraction angle decreases. UV Transmission Gratings are relatively polarization insensitive and are fairly insensitive to alignment errors.

Handling Gratings: Gratings require special handling, making them prone to fingerprints and aerosols. Gratings should only be handled by the edges. Before attempting to clean a grating, please contact us.

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