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Ultrafast Dispersion-Compensating Prisms

  • Polished at Brewster’s Angle to Minimize Reflection Loss
  • Use Intracavity for Dispersion Compensation
  • Use Extracavity to Manipulate Pulse Characteristics

Ultrafast Dispersion-Compensating Prisms are designed for the unique demands of ultrashort pulse laser systems and are available with a range of dispersive properties. When used intracavity, Ultrafast Dispersion-Compensating Prisms can compensate for the dispersion caused by light passing through the fixed cavity optics. When used extracavity, these prisms are used to manipulate pulse characteristics. The Group Velocity Dispersion (GVD) term determines how much a broadband pulse spectrally stretches or compresses and should be chosen depending on the laser source used or the application’s dispersion requirements.

Laser Optics