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Controller Cable FCB-5-FL, Flying Leads

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Flying Leads

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Product Family Description

  • Thin, Compact, and Lightweight Housing
  • Available in Multiple LED Colors
  • Wide Range of Sizes Including Square and Rectangular Shapes

CCS Flat Dome Lights are ideal for achieving illumination similar to Coaxial or Dome Lights in a lighter, more compact unit. While standard dome lights are good for creating a diffuse lighting environment that minimizes specular reflection, their mechanical size and imaging aperture through a small hole on top limit their use in compact applications. These flat dome lights provide the same diffuse illumination environments as a standard dome light but in a 10mm thick, flat housing with a large imaging area, greatly increasing the options for working distance, depth of focus, and field of view. CCS Flat Dome Lights can also be used at long working distances to recreate the illumination environment of a coaxial light, which is used to reduce shadowing and has minimal glare. This flexibility makes these flat dome lights suitable for a wide range of industrial and imaging applications, particularly when imaging textured, shiny, or uneven surfaces.

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