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Z-Laser ZM18 Developer's Kit

  • Features a 660nm, 80mW Red Laser
  • Includes Mount, Power Supply, and Seven Different Projection Heads
  • Ideal for Prototyping in Machine Vision, 3D Measurement, and Inspection Applications

Z-Laser ZM18 Developer's Kit is ideal for meeting the needs of system integrators and researchers developing applications in machine vision and imaging. The 660nm, 80mW laser can be easily focused by hand, utilizing the external focusing mechanism and positioned with the included mount. The laser meets IP52 environmental standards and is potential-free for easy installation. The Z-Laser ZM18 Developer's Kit laser can be adjusted via analog and digital modulation and features seven optical projection heads which can be effortlessly swapped out.

Included optical projection heads:

  • Elliptical Dot
  • 90° Gaussian Line
  • 30° Homogeneous Line
  • 5 Parallel Lines (Diffractive Optical Element) (DOE)
  • 25 Parallel Lines (DOE)
  • 11x11 Dot Grid (DOE)
  • 51x51 Line Grid (DOE)